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A video editor - I've cut narrative shorts, long-form docs, and lots of corporate sizzle reels. I'm also accomplished in other facets of filmmaking, including directing, writing, and shooting. 


A passionate creative - I love what I do, and I make sure that my passion shows in my work. I'm always looking to try something new. 


A problem solver - Figuring out the best way to fit all the pieces together is what I do best. I love a challenge and I work very well under pressure. 


A forever student - I'm eager to learn, grow and be inspired. I keep up with the latest trends and techniques used in all different types of visual media. 


A people person - I like to surround myself with people that I can improve alongside. My best work comes from collaborating and contributing to a creative team.


No idea is a bad idea…but I always duplicate my sequences just in case! 

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